The Best Fish Oil You’ll Ever Get

If I were going to be banished to a remote island and would only be allowed to consume one dietary supplement, it would be an omega 3 fish oil supplement, hands down.

But not just any ol’ one. I would want the best fish oil I could get – one that is of impeccable quality.

Back in 2005, I was introduced to one that matched these criteria perfectly. It was made by one of the top practitioners in the anti-aging field – Dr. Dave Woynarowski, or Dr. Dave as he is affectionately known to his loyal email subscribers and customers.

I have been a loyal customer of his for a decade now, and I can vouch for his omega 3 fish oil supplement as being first class. Take this stuff consistently and in the right dosages, and positive changes are very likely to happen within your body.

photo of Woynarowski, M.D., C.P.T.
Dr. Dave Woynarowski, M.D., C.P.T.

Dr. Dave’s omega 3 fish oil wasn’t the first fish oil I took. However, it was the first one I took that I felt confident would produce positive results – and it did for me. More on this later.


When I was a child, my grandma used to tell me how healthy fish was whenever she’d cook it for dinner. Nevertheless, I hated fish with a passion. So I’d occasionally take cod-liver oil instead to hopefully reap the health benefits of fish.

However, surprise surprise, I hated cod-liver oil also. The foul fishy smell of the capsules. The awful fishy breath and burps I would get when I took them. It was disgusting. All of those negative experiences came from a very popular brand of cod-liver oil that is still around today.

So eventually I stopped taking cod-liver oil and stayed away from fish too. But when I got onto Dr. Dave’s email list in 2005 (his daily messages contained anti-aging tips that were just pure gold), he informed me on how critical omega 3 was to health.

So critical that a lack of it in the Western diet is a big risk factor in the prevalence of diseases of aging in people. Diabetes, heart diseases, strokes, and even cancer can all be linked to a deficiency in omega-3 essential fatty acids, the chief nutrient in fish oil.

This nutrient is deemed “essential” because the body cannot manufacture it. You can only get it through your diet. Yet, despite the propensity of people in the West to over-eat, this deficiency has continued unabated for ages.

Not only is there a lack of the nutrient itself in the typical Western diet but the very high level of consumption of refined foods overwhelms what little omega 3 people do get.

Refined foods such as, cakes, bread, and fast foods, are heavily laden with omega 6, a substance which is inflammatory to the body. We need some omega 6, but not as much as we are consuming.

Based on the typical Western diet, Dr. Dave believes that most people need to consume around 4-6 grams of a high-quality omega 3 fish oil supplement daily. No way could I (and probably most people) tolerate eating the amount of fish necessary to give me that amount of omega 3 daily.

And even if I could, the mercury that is often present in fish could do harm to my body at that level of intake. This is why supplementation is so essential.

When I coupled the mind-boggling number of the health benefits of fish oil with the fact that omega 3 can’t be made by the body, I realized that I just couldn’t afford to be without Dr. Dave’s fish oil.

Short List Of Potential Fish Oil Benefits

Dr. Dave has reviewed thousands of articles and research on fish oil. This is just a short list of the health benefits he found:

Improves joint health. Prevents second heart attacks better than any drug it was tested against.
Helps stave off Alzheimer’s and has been used to improve those who already have the disease. Improves insulin sensitivity.
Reduces age-related memory lapses. Improves mood.
Reduces age-related memory lapses. May reduce risk of getting cancer.
Lowers blood pressure. Actually Dr. Dave used his own fish oil to banish high blood pressure from his life. More on this below. I have used his fish oil to shave points off my 10 points off the top number of my systolic blood pressure (the top number of a blood pressure reading). Improves the ratio of testosterone to its metabolite, DHT, resulting in better performance in the bedroom…if you know what I mean.
Reduces lowers triglycerides and increases good HDL cholesterol, reducing the risk of heart disease. Improves skin appearance. I can attest to this also. Routine supplementation brought a glow to my skin.

What is Ultra Potent Fish Oil

Ultra Potent Pharmaceutical Grade Omega 3

Ultra Potent Fish Oil is Dr. Dave’s latest upgrade of his super high-quality fish oil supplement that debuted around 2003.

He sometimes refers to it as “weapons-grade fish oil” because it is such a powerful weapon against aging.

Due to its high quality, you can expect to pay a little more than cheap drugstore-sold fish oil. If you compromise by buying a cheap brand, quality is very likely to suffer.


For starters, you are likely going to get less omega-3 than you think. The label of an inferior brand might mention that you’re getting around 1300 mg fish oil, but only a meager 520 mg (or 40% of 1300 mg) is actually omega-3 – the good stuff. The other 780 mg of fats – you don’t need at all.

To get that 520 mg in your system, you might have to take 3-4 capsules, the suggested serving size. So you’re really just getting at most, 173 mg (520mg/3 capsules) of omega 3 in each capsule! Pitiful!

Dr. Dave’s Ultra Potent Fish Oil has a whopping 1084 mg of omega 3 in ONE capsule of 1275 mg of fish oil! So 85% (1084/1275*100) of the total ingredients is omega 3 compared to just 40% in the store-sold brand.

Many drugstore-sold fish oil brands have that rancid fishy smell that I mentioned earlier. That smell comes from the oxidization of the oil. Truth be told, every oil oxidizes; that’s chemistry.

However, if the manufacturer is expeditious and takes special care in maintaining the highest levels of freshness from the time the fish are caught to when the oil is bottled, then you ought not to get that rotten fish smell.

Taking the steps needed to ensure a very high level of freshness is costly to manufacturers. Nevertheless, freshness is very important to Dr. Dave, so those are steps are taken.

Dr. Dave’s Ultra Potent Fish Oil is one of the freshest you can get. Just open a bottle and you’ll realize that it is no foul-smelling product. It is a pleasant-smelling, citrus flavored, virtually burp-free product.

Another potential negative concerning fish-oil supplements regardless of where they are sold is that they all have some contaminants. Fish live in water; the water has mercury and other contaminants so naturally, the fish will too.

All fish oil goes through a filtering process, such as molecular distillation, to remove contaminants such as mercury and PCBs. Drugstore-sold brands will likely have the contaminants removed to industry standards – which is a good thing!

Not so with Ultra Potent Fish Oil. It is molecularly distilled to the point where contaminants are removed down to parts per trillion, far beyond industry standards.

No current process can remove 100% of contaminants. Nonetheless, the contaminant removal process that Dr. Dave’s product is subjected to eliminates contaminants beyond what instruments can measure.

If I had one small wish on how Dr. Dave could improve his product, it would be for him to include a certificate of analysis (C of A) on his blog. An independent third party verified C of A would vouch for the purity of his product.

For a capsule of fish oil, a C of A would detail the amount of EPA and DHA (the chief omega 3 ingredients), the total omega-3, and the amount of PCBs, dioxins, mercury, lead, arsenic, and cadmium.

On the previous iteration of Dr. Dave’s blog, he included a C of A. But for some reason, I don’t see it included on the page of his new product.

Perhaps it is somewhere on his blog or is absent due to an oversight. If the latter is the case, I hope it is an oversight that is corrected quickly.


There are two things that really impress me about Dr. Dave Woynarowski: his credentials and his dedication to providing the best of the best in nutritional supplements.

He is a doctor of internal medicine who comes from a family of doctors. His older brother and father, who were also doctors, passed away.

The passing of his dad, in particular, put him on a global pursuit to research the cream of the crop in anti-aging medicine. His mission was to help people who were afflicted with his dad’s illness, as well as help people in general age in a youthful way.

His exhaustive search led him to accumulate arguably the single largest amount of scientific research on the health benefits of omega 3 fish oil supplementation. His research brought him to the conclusion that people can age in a healthy way by taking nutritional supplements.

The problem he found was that the majority of the supplements on the market were made from low-grade ingredients, and the active ingredients were in quantities too low to have a serious impact.

Plus, those ingredients were not formulated in a synergistic way. Meaning, each ingredient wasn’t helping the other to work better. This realization led him to create is own brand of dietary supplements.

His brand contains only elite ingredients, or as he calls them, pharmaceutical grade ingredients. Plus, his brand combines active ingredients in the right amounts, so it provides a multi-pronged approach to age-related conditions. This approach is woefully absent in many nutritional supplements today.

Dr. Dave is one of the foremost authorities in preventative health and anti-aging. He didn’t achieve that distinction by sitting on his ass and resting on his laurels. He had to challenge himself to be better.

And so he has by constantly researching and updating his knowledge on ingredients that have major anti-aging implications. He then uses that new-found knowledge to make his current products better and to make new products.

This ethos explains why Dr. Dave is no one-trick pony. He has formulated other life-changing products beside fish oil, such as Brain Force OneEnergy X Maxx, Sweet Sleep Z, Super Male Max X, and Young Life Daily. These are products that he has used on his top paying clients and has proudly taken himself as well.

In fact, he used his fish oil to solve a big medical problem he had. Years ago, he got high blood pressure from taking Vioxx, an anti-inflammatory. His blood pressure was 220/110 at one point – crazy high.

He took prescription drugs, but they made him feel lousy and did little to lower his blood pressure. Being the maverick that he was, he figured that an omega 3 deficiency was a big reason why he wasn’t getting better. So, he started taking high doses of fish oil.

Long story short, fish oil did the trick. He got his blood pressure normalized after a while, and he hasn’t had high blood pressure since.

However, the low-grade retail fish oil capsules he was taking caused an embarrassing side effect – fishy burps. Imagine kissing a girl with such a  breath!

So he decided to formulate his own fish oil supplement. Voila, his pharmaceutical grade fish oil was born. Unlike many inferior drugstore-sold brands, Dr. Dave’s product has a high omega 3 content, has no rancid odor, and causes virtually no fishy burps.

It is his own upgraded super potent and pure fish oil that he continues to take to this day to keep high blood pressure out of his life. Due to the superior quality of this product, you can take fewer capsules and achieve more health-wise than you would by taking several capsules of a lower-quality brand.

Will The Real Dr. Dave Please Stand Up

To eliminate confusion, it’s important that you are taking the authentic Dr. Dave fish oil. There is a website using the “Dr. Dave” moniker that sells his old nutritional supplements. The real Dr. Dave was once associated with that site’s owners, but no more.

To have the peace of mind that you are getting anti-aging supplements that: (a) are formulated by Dr. Dave Woynarowski – one of the foremost authorities in preventative health and anti-aging and (b) have the highest grade ingredients in them, then you should buy from the real Dr. Dave.


Taking Dr. Dave’s Ultra Potent Fish Oil is a great way to improve your health long-term. You’d be hard-pressed to find a single supplement or prescription drug that has such a vast amount of solid scientific research backing up its long list of anti-aging health benefits.

Make an investment in yourself by getting this amazingly effective product. I virtually guarantee that if you stick with it long-term, it will change your life.

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