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My aim with this blog is to produce content that shows you health and lifestyle changes that may lower your risk of getting age-related diseases, help you maintain a healthy weight or even achieve a fit, lean body.

I do my best to provide accurate information because your health and wellbeing are your most prized asset.

I don’t accept donations to operate this blog. Rather, I invest my own funds and time to keep this blog technically functional, research,  and write content.

To help defray some of these costs, I link to various affiliate products and services on this blog. By voluntarily click on those affiliate links and purchasing, I earn commissions.

If you don’t like purchasing through affiliate links, then do a Google search for the product or service and make your purchase from there.

I am also a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by linking to

It’s important to note that by making a purchase through any affiliate link, the price of product or service is the same as the price on the manufacturer’s/retailer’s website .

I recommend products and services based on their merit.

Before publishing my content, I sometimes check whether the products I want to mention have affiliate programs.

If they do, I sign up for the program and use those affiliate links within the content. If they don’t, I use regular links from which I earn zero commissions.

I don’t take money from external parties to recommend their products. An external party may pay me a fee for placing its ad on my blog. In this case, the ad will be denoted as being sponsored.

Not all the links on this blog are for affiliate products and services. Some of them are simply links to other sites that I feel will provide you more valuable information.

Please only buy items that you genuinely need and can afford.

Whether you make purchases through my recommendations or not, I welcome you as a reader.

All the very best…

David Cassell (Owner of The Ageless Man Blog)