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I am David Cassell, owner of DetoxLean.com and also the main writer.

That is me below. I am 47…soon to reach the BIG 5 oh.about me

If you are wondering why I am in the Mongolian attire; well, that is because I live and work in China.

I arrived in China a relatively young man at the age of 31 – and here I am approaching 50.

I have changed as a person, but the most important changes have been physical.Mongolian Attire

The grey hair;  the fact that I am not as fast as I once was. I used to be a sprinter.

I don’t have the boundless energy or the recovery powers of my youth.

And the change I hated the most – getting a little paunch.

Don’t get me wrong – I was still quite nimble. I was also lean in all other places except for that belly.

However, call it an overreaction, I became more aware of my mortality as I got older.

This awareness strengthened my resolve though.

I became determined not to become a fat old person who looks every bit his age and who lacks energy.

I didn’t want to be someone hurtling toward metabolic syndrome – heart disease, diabetes and the like.

So I made changes to my diet and exercise regimen that hopefully will keep me out of the doctor’s office.

Because, quite frankly, hospitals and doctors scare me!

I started to focus more on eating right. I cut down my sugar intake especially, consumed more veggies, especially the green leafy kind, and took the right kind of supplements.

I am a big believer in taking high-quality supplements that support youthful aging. One of the cornerstones of any serious anti-aging regimen is a high-quality omega 3 fish oil supplement.

I started taking fish oil back in 2008 and have never looked back. If you are not taking fish oil daily – you are shooting yourself in the foot – or more appropriately – in the heart.

So I urge you to read more about fish oil here and get started on a daily regimen or check out the high-quality brand I personally take.

What about exercise?

Well, I also started doing a combination of interval training in sprinting (as opposed to the clichéd long distance jogging) and interval body weight exercises.

Interval training allows one to achieve faster results in a shorter space of time. That is why I like it so. Read more about interval training here.

My diet and exercise routine made me leaner overall and cut belly fat.

One day, when I weighed myself, I was shocked to find out that I had actually dropped 30 pounds (down from 195 lbs). Prior to that, I hadn’t realized that I’d lost that much…

And that is because I was able to maintain some degree of muscle tone by doing body weight exercises. Muscle burns fat and having muscle can make one appear bigger than one actually weighs.

By the way, you should totally check out my article on interval training. This form of training allows you to achieve faster results in a shorter space of time.

So, here is the deal; if you share my passion for maintaining a healthy body (and mind), then I urge you to read this blog often and subscribe to my free newsletters – by clicking here.

My primary focus will be on providing anti-aging tips and getting lean, but you can expect me to write on other areas of health as well.

That’s it from me for now. Enjoy the blog.

Best of health…

Youth Isn’t Only For The Young